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Classification surveys (hull and machinery)

Classicifation servey

Classicifation servey

Classification surveys (hull and machinery)

The structure, machinery and equipment of a cargo vessel (other than items in respect of which a Certificate of Survey for a Cargo Ship, a Cargo Ship Safety Certificate, a Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate and a Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate are issued) must be surveyed in accordance with Regulation 10 of Chapter I of SOLAS and with such requirements of Marine Orders as are applicable to the vessel.

The intermediate and annual surveys required by Regulation 10 (a) (iii) of Chapter I of SOLAS are also required in respect of a Certificate of Survey for a Cargo Ship and a Cargo Ship Safety Certificate.

  • Period of certificate of class

The period of the certificate of class starts either from the date of initial classification or from the credited date of the last class renewal/special survey, and expires at the due date assigned for the next class renewal/special survey.

The due date is the end of the time window for that survey.

  • Anniversary date

The anniversary date is the day and the month given in the certificate of class which corresponds to the expiry date of the certificate.

Survey time window

The survey time window is the fixed period during which the annual and intermediate surveys are to be carried out.

  • Overdue surveys

Each periodical survey is assigned a due date specified by the relevant Rules by which it is to be completed.