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Prevention of Pollution from Ships

prevention of pollution from ships

Prevention of pollution from ships

The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) is the International Maritime Organization’s major technical body concerned with the prevention and control of pollution from ships. It is aided in its work by a number of subcommittees. The Department participates in the work of the Committee and a number of the subcommittees. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) leads Australia’s work in MEPC.

A survey to protect the ocean and atmosphere and by directing vessels to be equipped with structure and facilities that are to prevent pollutant discharge and, in this regard, to maintain them on a renewal-survey basis

Vessel structure to prevent pollutant discharge, oily water separator, incinerator, human waste treatment facilities, titration and disinfection facilities of human waste; discharging tubing, discharge prevention engine of nitrogen oxide, etc.

Renewal, periodical and temporary survey to examine the conformity of maintenance and operation of vessel structure, oily water separator, incinerator, human waste treatment facilities, etc.